Raised for Nonprofits


What is Big Give Houston?

Big Give Houston is a 24-hour collaborative fundraiser for nonprofits in and around Houston. BGH celebrates 24 hours of Houstonians coming together to give back to the local organizations that support the community where we live, work and play.

When is Big Give Houston?

November 28th from 12:00am CT – 11:59:59pm CT

When will the 2017 Big Give Houston application be available?

Applications for the 2017 event will launch on June 19th. Sign up for the e-newsletter to be the first to know when the BIG kickoff happens and check the homepage for the application link as of June 19th. Applications after August can be requested at [email protected]

If I need help, whom can I contact?

[email protected]


Who can donate?

Anyone with a credit card or debit card and access to the internet can participate.

What forms of donations are accepted?

MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express donations received through the website. No donations via check, cash or stock will be accepted.

Is there a minimum gift?

Yes, a minimum donation of $10 is required.

How will the donations be reported on my credit card statement?

Your credit card statement will read: K Charitable Donation, or K Charitable Donation San Antonio TX (our processing foundation partner is located in Texas).

May I pay a pledge with my Giving Day gift?

Giving Day is designed to generate new support, not to pay off existing pledges.

May I designate how a nonprofit uses my gift?

Giving Day gifts are considered unrestricted donations to a donor advised fund, ultimately granted out to a nonprofit as you specify, and no goods or services may be received in exchange for donations.

How much of the donation will go to the nonprofit?

All donations will be paid to your chosen charity, net of credit card transaction and processing costs – a total of 5.99% will be deducted. Donors will be given the opportunity to cover these fees.

Can I make my donation over the phone?

Smartphones that allow you to make a credit card donation online enable you to contribute in this way.  

Is my donation tax-deductible? How do I get a copy of my receipt?

All donations are fully tax deductible and irrevocable donations to a donor advised fund at The K Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization which assists with the processing of the donation and forwarding of grant funds on to the nonprofit a donor specifies.

The K Foundation will provide an electronic receipt at the time of the donation via email. The e-mail you receive shortly thereafter meet all IRS requirements as a record of donation. If you are asked to provide a paper receipt for IRS purposes, please print out a copy of your email receipt. 

How are donations processed by The K Foundation?

The K Foundation (“TKF”) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) public charity whose charitable purpose is to encourage the increase of philanthropy among people of all means by facilitating online donations for charitable purposes through the efficient receipt, processing, tracking and disbursement of charitable contributions for nonprofit organizations and schools.

TKF works with Give Local America’s technology partner, Kimbia Inc., to handle the transacting and processing of funds donated through the givelocalamerica.org website.  All donations are subject to The K Foundation terms for online donations found at http://thekfoundation.org/general-terms-for-online-donations.html

When will a charity receive my donation?

The K Foundation sends grant payments to nonprofits on the 15th of each month that include all donations made in the previous month. For example, donations processed in November will be paid on December 15th.

If I have questions while making my donation who can I contact?

[email protected]

May I use my Big Give Houston donation to buy event tickets, museum memberships, or other things that provide me a benefit?

No, Donations may not be used to pay for anything that might be perceived as a material benefit to the donor, advisor or other disqualified person – including dinner tickets, membership fees, golf fees, admission tickets or other gifts.

When you make a donation on BigGiveHouston.org, you are making a donation to a donor advised fund at TKF. This process exists to facilitate the granting of funds to the specific nonprofit or school you have recommended at the time of your gift.

All donations made through BigGiveHouston.org are final, irrevocable and non-refundable.

Nonprofits may not promise or provide good or services in exchange for your making a donation to a donor advised fund such as the donor advised fund administered by TKF. TKF may only accept contributions for which a donor will be receipted stating that “no goods or services were provided in return for the contribution.”



What organizations are eligible for Big Give Houston?

Any 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that is in good standing with the IRS and in the GuideStar Database can participate in Big Give Houston. Organizations will be notified once they are approved to participate.

What if I can't find my favorite nonprofit on the website?

If you can't find your favorite nonprofit on our website, they may not be participating currently. However, we encourage you to share Big Give Houston with them and extend an invitation to participate. 

When will my nonprofit receive our donations?

The K Foundation sends grant payments to nonprofits on the 15th of each month that include all donations made in the previous month. For example, donations processed in November will be paid on December 15th